The Guitar Flatter was designed with Gibson style necks in mind with a nut width of 1.65”-1.7” (42-43mm) but will be compatible with these models as well:

ESP LTD, EPIPHONE LP, Ibanez AR, D'Angelico Premier Atlantic, Yamaha Revstar, PRS, Gretch G series, Guild Bluesbird, Godin Summit, Schecter Solo, Sire LC, Heritage, Vintage LP, Washburn Parallaxe, Eastman SB59, Cort Classic Rock, Jackson Pro Series Monarkh SC, Duesenberg Starplayer Special, Reverend Double Agent OG, Line 6 JTV-69 Variax, Chapman Guitars ML2J, Fender AERODYNE SPECIAL STRATOCASTER HSS, Fender Ultra Stratocaster, AMERICAN ACOUSTASONIC TELECASTER, PLAYER PLUS TELECASTER

The Bass Flatter was designed with a 4 string Fender j-bass style neck in mind with a nut width of 1.5” (38-39mm), will be compatible with these models as well:

WarwickPro Series Thumb BO 4-string Bass, Squier Jazz Bass, LaklandSkyline 44-64, Yamaha TRBX504, Sire Marcus Miller jazz bass. Will not fit a small scale bass.

In some cases a raise of the action will be needed

Wont fit p-bass style necks

The simple, yet ingenious design is easy to install and remove, and requires absolutely no modifications to your valuable instrument. Flatter can be installed by anyone and requires no special tools or technical knowledge. You can be a complete knuckle-dragging beast and still put it on in minutes. Try it, it is easy!

  • Guitar Flatter

    The fretless electric guitar has been used extensively by Middle-Eastern guitarists that require 1/4 tones, or playing “between the frets.” In the pop and rock world however, fretless guitars represent unexplored territory, and have tremendous unleashed potential to expand your palette of sounds and forge your own unique sound. Flatter opens up the world of vibrato, slides, microtonality, and exotic Eastern sounds that can only be explored on fretless instruments.

  • Bass Flatter

    The fretless electric bass was played by such monsters as the Rolling Stone’s Bill Wyman and Jaco Pastorius. The legendary Fender Jazz Bass has been heard on countless recordings by the greatest bass players. Many bass players would like a cheap and simple way to switch between fretted and fretless bass, without having to shlep two instruments around.

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