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Guitar Flatter

Guitar Flatter

Guitar Flatter

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Have you ever wished your guitar could play fretless? Then Meet the magic of the Guitar Flatter:

🟨an easy-to-install device
🟨harmless to your guitar
🟨reaches microtonality
🟨allows extra smooth slides

The Flatter is a simple mod that clips in between the neck and the strings, flattens the fretboard, and easily converts your guitar into a fretless instrument. It is made out of high-quality crystal clear scratch-resistant Polycarbonate and was high precision-engineered to feel smooth and solid, and is completely harmless to the guitar.


Guitar Flatter will fit most guitars with a 1.65-1.7” (42-43mm) nut width
Shipment could take between 2-4 weeks

Why play Fretless?

Fretless guitars have been used extensively in Middle-Eastern music that requires 1/4 tones or playing “in-between the frets." However, in other genres like pop, hip-hop, and rock, fretless guitars remain an unexplored territory that can potentially unleash a whole new and creative musical aesthetic. 

In comes the Guitar Flatter. This simple yet genius mod clips easily onto your electric guitar's neck to flatten the fret semi-tone separation, yo turn it into a beautiful-sounding fretless instrument.

Whether you're an experienced or beginning guitar player, using the Guitar Flatter will tremendously expand your palette of sounds and improve your overall music skills - introducing you th the world of vibrato, slides, microtonality, and exotic Eastern sounds.

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