Q: The Flatter sits very tightly on the neck of my guitar, will it damage it?

A: No! Although the Flatter is very strong and Durable it is still flexible enough to fit your guitar as long as the nut width won't be wider than 43mm or 1.7".

Q: Will the Flatter fit any electric guitar or bass guitar?

A: The guitar Flatter will fit most Gibson style guitars (but not only) with a nut width not wider than 43mm or 1.7", it will also fit narrower nut widths but in those cases you will have to apply the supplied stickers for the Flatter to fit snugly. The Bass Flatter will fit most fender j-bass style basses with a nut with of 38-39mm or 1.5". When the Bass Flatter is wider than your bass apply the supplied stickers to make it fit snugly.

Q: Why doesn't the Flatter or Bass Flatter covers the entire neck?

A: We wanted to hit the right balance between portability, playability and ease of use, and we think that we managed to do exactly that. The Flatter is extremely light, portable and great to play.

Q: Why some of the notes are buzzing?

A: The flatter "likes" a higher action so when it is fitted on guitars with very low action, some positions on the neck might buzz or sound muted. Make sure the Flatter sits properly on the neck by pressing tightly on the Flatter against your guitar's neck, and if it doesn't help consider making the action higher, this should take care of the buzzes. a good action for the flatter should be at least 3 mm

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