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The Flatter is a simple mod that clips in between the neck and the strings, flattens the fretboard, and easily converts your guitar into a fretless instrument with the most cool and expressive sounds. It's made out of high-quality crystal clear scratch-resistant Polycarbonate and was high precision-engineered to feel smooth and solid, and is completely harmless to the guitar.

The guitar Flatter will fit most guitars with a 1.65-1.7” (42-43mm)
Shipment may take between 2-4 weeks

Why Flatter?

Since fretless guitars are usually difficult to come by - they are either expensive or cheaply made, many guitarists miss out on the unique technical and musical approaches demonstrated in fretless instruments such as the Oud, Violin, and Upright-bass.

The Flatter mod was designed especially for musicians who want to learn and experiment in the world of fretless without having to invest in a new instrument. By playing with the Flatter on, you essentially have more freedom to move around the fingerboard on your guitar/bass, allowing you to experiment with unlimited flexible tonality and reach new expressive sounds. 

Using the Flatter requires absolutely no modifications to your valuable instrument. Flatter can be installed by anyone and requires no special tools or technical knowledge. You can fit it in your pocket, take it with you to the studio or a show, attach it easily, and get the magic started.


How did Flatter come about?

My name is Gershon Waiserfirer, and I’ve been fascinated with rhythm and sound since I was a toddler. Some of my earliest memories involve tapping my fingers along with every kind of music I heard. It was as if I couldn't help becoming a musician, and until this very day, music brings tremendous joy to my life and feels like home.

I started my musical journey playing the piano, and after a few years I began playing wind instruments, and then string instruments as well. The guitar was my first string instrument, but after hearing some wonderful oud players I fell in love with its unique sound and began playing the oud as well. 

When I first became acquainted with the oud, with its flexible microtonality, the possibility of playing "between the notes”, and its highly expressive nature, an entirely new world opened up for me. I was exposed to new sounds, new techniques and a fascinating musical cultures. My love for the oud inspired me to find more opportunities to perform, and I soon began playing the electric oud as well. After years of playing these instruments, I sought to discover even more. I wanted to explore how the wonderful palette of tones that the electric guitar has to offer as a fretless instrument.

Fretless electric guitars are difficult to come by - they are either expensive or cheaply made. So after having no luck finding a good fretless electric guitar, I bought a standard guitar and ripped the frets off myself! The process wasn't easy and it took a while before the guitar was playable again. The whole experience was quite expensive and unfortunately, irreversible.

I thought to myself that there must be a simpler solution - like some sort of gadget that could easily attach to a guitar and turn it into a fretless guitar.

And this is how it all began... I decided that it was in fact it very simple to create a flat surface on the frets and thus cancel their separation. How naïve... I did not imagine the amount of challenges I would have to face and ended up working on the perfect Flatter design for two years. After countless attempts and prototypes and modקls, I’m proud to say that I’ve achieved exactly what I wanted. 

It was important to me that the Flatter would be easy and quick to attach, completely harmless to the guitar, maintain high-quality sound, and that playing it would resemble playing a dedicated fretless guitar. It was only after I perfected the design of the guitar flatten, when I decided to create a similar device for the Bass.

I thought that a transparent design would be most effective, as I know there is a reluctance to play fretless instruments because of intonation challanges. With the Flatter’s transparent design, you can see exactly where the frets lay on the neck, which makes it much easier to stay in tune.

My hope and purpose is that the Flatter will open a window for guitarists and bassists from around the world to experience the limitless potential of fretless instruments, and to explore all the exciting possibilities they have to offer. A guitar with the Flatter will play almost like a dedicated fretless instrument - but at a fraction of the cost.  

Gershon Waiserfirer

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