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Guitar Flatter

Bass Flatter

Bass Flatter

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Turn your bass guitar into a fretless instrument within 3 short minutes. 

Used by some of the biggest names in the bass world, such as Bill Wyman (Rolling Stones) and Jeff Ament (Pearl Jam), fretless basses have received growing popularity and interest over the years, and for good reasons. The smooth yet expressive vocal-like tone and peculiar technical approach make the fretless bass a perfect instrument for players who seek to expand their musical horizons.

The Flatter mod opens up the world of vibrato, slides, microtonality, and exotic Eastern sounds without investing in a new fretless instrument. We invite you to use our simple yet genius Bass Flatter, which clips easily onto your guitar's neck, flattens the fret-tone separation, and allows you to easily experiment with those smooth-woody sounds and in-between notes. 

The bass flatter will fit jazz bass style necks 1.5” (38-39mm) 
Shipment could take between 2-4 weeks


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